Crafting week ahead

This week leads up to some very important days over the weekend. On Friday, my baby girl who isn't such a baby anymore, turns two. Then of course on Sunday there is Easter, but it is also my best friend's 30th birthday. She lives in Chicago so I won't get to spend time with her to celebrate her big day. Pout But I will be sending a special package up north in honor of making it through the last decade + together and the years of friendship that lie ahead.

What does all of that mean? It means I have some very full and busy days of making, sewing, gluing and hopefully some knitting ahead of me. Last night I tackled one of my projects for Addie: hair clips. One day at story time I saw this little girl with the most adorable simple ribbon-covered clip holding her hair back. I asked her mom where she got it and she told me she made them. Of course! In just a few moments, she shared with me how it was done and I made up my mind to craft some for Addie this summer.

With just a few alligator clips, some grosgrain ribbon, a toothpick and a dollop of craft glue, I was able to put together a fantastic collection to get Addie going. The clasp that holds Curt's badge for work broke over the weekend so I grabbed it up and sewed some ribbon around it to make a little home for these cuties.

I think these might be wrapped around my little love's Easter basket Sunday morning. One down, many more projects to go. Annnnd--I'm off!

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