Do over!

The exact moment I posted my last entry, and I mean the very second I clicked "Publish Post" I felt my new baby move for the very first time. Just two little jabs in my tummy to announce, "Mommy, I'm here!" Undoubtably that is my moment of the week. What greater event could lift me up and keep me going more than the tiniest life announcing his/her presence?

Oh sweet angel, I feel you! Keep growing, keep moving, keep kicking and letting me know you're OK. Your mommy is here and loves you so much. We can't wait to meet you! 


Us said...

So sweet!!!!

And if don't keep talking about this book nearly everyday, I'm going to have to buy it. Omar really wants us to start making our own it may be in the cards for us.

I also made your couscous yesterday and it was pretty delicious!

sara said...

Thanks, friend! I so wish I could somehow get a commission for how much I talk about that book, but alas, I'm not. It really is that good. The only trouble is, Curt does not appreciate my bread AT ALL. He says bread is just something to hold together what you put in a sandwich. So sad. One of these days he will realize that bread is just as fabulous and important and tasty as meat... One of these days.