A little to the left

I realized a while after I wrote yesterday's post that I may have given a false impression as to the serenity of my evenings. My bedside table is what it is, but the frequency in which I use all that is stacked or piled on it must be clarified. I wish I could tell you that I give myself a manicure every night, and that Curt and I lay next to one another, reading interesting and compelling literature, then fall asleep sharing and discussing what we've just absorbed. I wish.

Most evenings, I crash into bed and lay like a vegetable while I watch whatever prime time garbage I have recently become addicted to. Some nights I cozy up to one of my beloved books, but really I just find incredible comfort in knowing they are there. Whenever I feel mentally revived and ready to dive into something brilliant, I know I have options. Those nights are coming fewer and farther between these days.

Why? Well for one example, let me show you what is just to the left of my bedside table...

Where are the drawers to this lingerie chest? Over here...

You ask why again? Simple... Because of this...

You see, Saturday afternoon Curt decided he wanted to wash the car. When I went to the side of the house to turn on the spicket, water proceeded to flow everywhere. Hmm, I thought, that can't be normal. So I turned it off. Curt checked it out, agreed that something was wrong, but thought it was only an issue with the spicket outside the house, and the plan to wash the car was forgotten. We headed off for some grocery shopping and when we came home, found standing water in our bed and bathroom. Fantastic.

We gave Addie a bath, saved some drinking water in the fridge, then Curt turned off the water supply to the house. He then informed me that we would have to try and stick it out until Monday, when we could get a plumber in to take a look and not have to pay the weekend rate. Seriously? Thank goodness our dear friends and neighbors, Paul & Kim, called just to check in. When I told them what had happened, they showed up minutes later, toolbox in hand. To emphasize what good friends they are, I must tell you that they came over right in the middle of the big UK vs. West Virginia game. What hockey is to Canada, college basketball is to Kentucky. I'm telling you--this game was a REALLY big deal.

Paul and Curt cut a hole in the wall of our bathroom to find that the pipe inside had indeed ruptured. Then they went off to Home Depot to get the necessary parts to fix the issue. Kim stayed home with me and after I put Addie to bed, she stayed to watch the train wreck that was the second half of that dreadfull game. In a way it was a blessing that the boys didn't have to see it. Sad, sad stuff.

In just under an hour, the new pipe was installed and our problem was solved. We could turn the water back on and I was much happier knowing that I could use the toilet and not feel like I was in a latrine. But, for a few days we had to keep a box fan running to ensure that our carpet was thoroughly dry. It's a little difficult to feel relaxed in a room where the furniture is all displaced and there is a constant loud whirring a few feet from your head.

So this week, my loud and messy bedroom is my excuse for not taking advantage of the hour or so I have before bed when I could expand my mind with the written word. Maybe next week we can avert disaster and I'll dive right into those glorious pages with the boob tube off. Hey, a girl can hope.


Adele said...

Oh, I can so relate to the domino effect that can happen in a home! Yes, one day I'm sure all us mamas will be totally relaxed and well-read. Wouldn't that be nice?

sara said...

Absolutely! I am thinking it would be heavenly to sleep with piles and piles of books on top of and surrounding me in my bed. Maybe that would help motivate me. :)