Look who came out to play

Sun, how I've missed you. I've missed not having to turn any lights on inside and spending all day in your glow alone. I've missed needing to wear sunglasses to drive. I've missed the way you make a cold day seem so warm and the way you draw me outside even against the chill.

Dear Sun, you made me feel playful today. You encouraged me to wear my hair in braids and you lifted my mood so I could enjoy my daughter more fully.

You made it impossible for me to stay inside during her nap. You called me out to put my bare feet in the grass and feel the contrast of cold ground underneath my heels and the warmth you give on the top of my far too white toes. (And yes, that is my 16 wk. belly poking out to say hello.) 

Oh Sun, promise you'll stay... just a little while longer.

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