Say goodbye to The Little Red Hen

You remember that story, right? The Little Red Hen is going to make some bread and she needs help harvesting the grain, grinding the flour, mixing the dough, etc. but no one comes to her aid so she says she will make it herself. When everyone smells the yummy bread fresh from the oven she says, You did not help me harvest the grain, grind the flour, mix the dough, etc. So I will eat it myself. Well listen up, Hen. You don't have to do all that anymore--Buy this book and be done with it!

Really, I think the concept of fresh bread in five minutes a day will change my life. I have been wanting to bake our own bread for quite a while, but the idea seemed so time consuming and daunting. Not anymore! I ordered the book last week, got the essential ingredients over the weekend and in about 15 minutes total of hands on time, I have my first loaf of whole grain bread. At first I was a bit nervous about the size of the loaf before I put it in the oven.

But then, I peeked after about 20 minutes of baking and that sucker popped right up! So yummy. It is a thing to behold.

There is still enough dough stored in the fridge for one more loaf, and it will keep in there until I'm ready to bake again, for up to two weeks. I highly doubt it will last half as long. While our days of store bought bread may not be completely over just yet, this is the first step to achieving that goal. It almost doesn't seem real to get such a reward from so little work, which was not exactly the moral to our Hen's story. That's ok. You most certainly will not hear me complain as I stroll into the kitchen and declare with pride, "I can make it myself!"

Quick update: My first day of mindfulness toward perfect moments went really well. I have so many stored up in my Mommy memory already... My favorite was when I chased Addie through the house to catch and tickle her (possibly her favorite game which she calls, Get-choo, while pointing to herself). She was shrieking through the living room and right when I grabbed her, she squeeled in delight and let out the most fantastic little toot. I immediately fell to the floor laughing. I don't know why toots are so funny. No matter how old you are, when someone lets one go, nine times out of ten it is hilarious! The best ones come from my girl when she's laughing hard, stretching to get something or just sitting quietly. I still get a chuckle whenever I think about it. Toot perfection--love it!!!


Adele said...

That looks wonderful! My sister was just telling me about her success trying a similar method, and I'm so excited to try it out.

sara said...

Oh do it! You will be so surprised by how very easy it is and it's a lot cheaper than buying high quality bread at the supermarket. Have fun baking!