What an idea

Have I mentioned how much I love my March step toward balance? Savoring the many perfect moments in the day have made such a difference on how I make it through. That's not to say I haven't had some crazy times with my mood hitting the ceiling, but at the end of a particularly difficult week, I honestly remember more of the good than the bad. Big change from even one week ago.

I love this shift in perspective so much that last night I thought maybe I should turn this into a weekly thing... Fridays can be my "just a moment" day. I'll make a button for it and others can join me if they wish. Great idea! Then I took a wander over to Amanda's space and she totally beat me to it. Daggonit! Wind right out of my sails.

Soule Mama is the blog that started it all for me so I suppose I should consider this more of a "great minds think alike" kind of blunder. And really my idea is a little bit different--not just one photo with no words, but any way to share a perfect moment that stands out in days filled with exactly the opposite. Also, for me and our life, I feel like the story behind the picture is what makes the moment great and not just the image alone.

I'm going to sit with this and see where this takes me. Maybe I'll run with it. In the meantime and in the best of spirits, I present my favorite perfect moment of the week (yes, we had more than one!). Addie was playing with her diaper bag and I was enjoying the quiet play time. She was busy for quite a while so I went over to see exactly what she was up to. I found that my girl had turned our little chest full of blankets into a makeshift changing table for her doll. She had the diapers and wipes all stacked up next to the pad and everything. With one shoe on, she wiped her baby's bootie and then ran to throw the soiled cloth in the toilet. Fantastic!

But once again, just like that, it was over. Baby must have pooped on the pad or kicked Addie while she was going in for one final swipe of the bottom. Whatever it was, Addie and baby had a falling out that involved growling and what is sure to be somewhat of a traumatic head injury for the doll. Oh well. Tantrum or no tantrum, it was a good moment.

And in the best interest of all involved, perhaps we should add one more item on the to do list before our real new baby arrives: Anger management for big sister to be.


Natalie Jane said...

"Just like that and it was over". That could be the definition of motherhood moments :)

sara said...

Oh, why didn't it occur to me that I could just change the title? Mommy tunnel vision. :)
Great idea--Thanks, Natalie!