The last three days have been rather incredible. Addie's birthday celebration went on and on, and it was fantastic. She kept singing, "Happy Birthday to Addie" and probably believes at this point that it is totally normal to open presents for days at a time.

What happens when your two-year-old girl gets all that her heart desires for her birthday and Easter? Your living room looks like the Target toy department exploded mercilessly, leaving you with a house that you feel is no longer your own.

Curt and I swore this wouldn't happen to us. We have always believed that this is our house, and yes our kids live here, but it needs to look like our house. I woke up this morning, saw the aftermath and then the glorious phenomenon that is nesting kicked in immediately. I feel like this is our last chance to at least pretend like we have order in our home before baby #2 gets here. Oh blessed hormones, for the first time in months I am so grateful for the craziness you induce.

All ye who live here be warned... Bins are about to enter and become filled with nonsensical items that will go into storage (and perhaps be thrown out entirely). Closets will be purged. Fabulous storage units will be purchased and implemented in bare nooks of this house.  If something is floating around here without "a place," it will soon have one.

Or perhaps I should simply place a sign out in our yard that reads:
A nesting pregnant woman lives here. Get out with all of your personal effects while you still can.


Dennis said...

I have just one word for you. SHED!

sara said...

If we build it, will you come?