Before I had Addie, I fantasized about all of the arts and crafty things we would do together. One of the activities I couldn't wait to try with her was painting. For some reason, this has camped out in the back of my mind and stayed there until yesterday. Why I waited so long to introduce her to this form of creativity, I wish I could tell you. Nevertheless, it was so much fun to set up an easy little space and get our paint on together.

She was so serious about the whole thing. Never disturb an artist at work.

Sometimes my arm or brush would obstruct her view. She'd calmly say, "Excuse me, Mommy." and gently guide my hand away.
I mean, serious.

And look at the finished result. Love, LOVE it! My, we're good.


Kate said...

If she liked the watercolors, you should get some washable tempras. They are thick and vibrant and she won't have to work so hard to get a lot of color on her paper. It looks like she was really into the watercolors. Way to go, Artsy Mommy!

sara said...

Great idea! I'll add that to our wish list for sure. :)