Brighter day

This morning we woke up to a dreary, cool and rainy day. My heart sank a bit as I was hoping for some weather that might lift my mood, rather than give me another excuse to wallow. But my silent prayers were heard and while I read to my beautiful girl and put her down for a nap, the clouds lifted. I walked out into our living room and kitchen to see gorgeous light streaming in through the windows. Oh, I am so grateful for the sunlight and the way it can change everything.

So in this lighter mood of mine, I would love to share the first pictures of our favorite summer indulgence... the Lexington Farmer's Market. Thank you, "Uncle Bip" for serving as our resident photographer on Saturday and capturing these fantastic moments.

Of course, Addie was permanently attached to her "Emie".

Ice cream for breakfast? It's organic... why not!

Daddy gave a boost so Little Miss. could see all there was to see.

Just what would that be? The brand new pavillion that adds so much ease and charm to the once quite chaotic space.  

Pretty soon, every inch of this walkway will be filled with farmers and goodies crammed right next to each other. Or, as I like to call it, heaven.

And the trip wouldn't have been complete without some live music as well. This kid was unbelievable--Addie thought so too.

Not only did we have a great time, but I was so encouraged to see all of my favorite vendors with products and prices that didn't scare me. Maybe we can afford the local meats I've been wishing for. Yes, it was a good day.


Adele said...

You look lovely in your spring dress! Looks like a wonderful morning.

Us said...

Farmer's market Saturdays are my favorite of the week!!!! We've started buying our eggs there as well! Addie is getting so big. They need to stop growing.

sara said...

Actually, that's my sister! I love that dress on her too. :)

Jenn, if you're around at all during the summer, we will have to go together!