Yesterday we had a bit of a scare when my lunch didn't quite agree with me. I called Curt and he flipped out, telling me to call my midwife. He was/is certain that if I end up catching this nasty ick, I would surely end up in the hospital. It seems the nurse at my midwife's office concurs. Thankfully, it was a false alarm and I am still ick-free. But the drama of the fear has lingered and if you'll pardon the expression, I am pooped!

Really, I think that being the family caretaker through two illnesses has finally caught up with me. This mommy is tired. After cleaning and disinfecting and wiping and washing and throwing out the meal plan to come up with bland ideas that won't upset tummies, then preparing said meals... Whoa. I almost fell asleep right then.

I almost never take naps while Addie is having hers. That is my sacred time to get things done, when the house is quiet and I can have a moment of peace to concentrate and accomplish. But it seems I have finally hit a wall and need to rest. So many times I fight against what my body is telling me and push through sleepiness in the name of crossing things off the to-do list and keeping our home together. Not today. No arguing here. I will simply take the hint, lie down and fall asleep to the sounds and smells coming in our open windows... and hope that along with my exhaustion, the fresh air will melt away the lingering scent of Lysol.

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