Grosser than gross

I think I can safely say there is nothing worse than having a sick babe. We are recovering from our first really bad projectile vomit incident this morning. Thank God Curt was able to rush home from work immediately and come to my rescue. Now with many loads of soiled laundry cycling through, the couch cushions freshly scrubbed (thanks, dear hubby!), Pedialyte flowing freely and the air mattress set up on the living room floor, all that's left to do is wait for wellness to find our girl again. Until then, I will be lost in a land of snuggling/cleaning/desitin-applying/disinfecting. Hope to be back soon!


Kate said...

OH MY!!! My prayers are with you. And out of sheer curiosity I must ask... after this experience will you still hold true to your previous preference of vomit/poo vs snot???

sara said...

Thanks for the prayers. We so needed them! I will say that after having been peed, pooped, snotted and puked on, vomit is by far the very worst of them all. While I still gag when I have to dig in and get those icky boogies, I would take that over the alternative any day. At least what comes out of the nose can be more or less contained. What took place yesterday could never happen again and I'd be A-OK with that. Super duper nasty grosstastic!!!