Grown-up midnight snack

For those of you who may not know him, my husband is a pretty big dude. He's 6' 4" tall and I would still categorize him as a "growing boy" mainly because of all that he eats. Something that has never ceased to amaze me is that every night around eleven you can bet he's hungry. Usually he has a bologna and cheese sandwich or a Boca burger and he eats on his own.

These last few weeks, my pregnant body has started to pick up his crazy nighttime snack habit. When he wanders into the kitchen with an, "I'm hungry!" my growing tummy starts to growl and I want some of the goods as well. The trouble is, bologna and cheese is not my #1 choice for nutrition or taste at this stage in the game.

So what is there to do? Make a cheese and cracker tray, of course! In about 5 minutes I can whip up this tasty little treat and it looks pretty too. Nothing fancy really, just some cheddar, swiss and Laughing Cow cheese along with a few different types of crackers and a small bowl of strawberries & dried apricots in the middle to mix it up a bit.

Yummy. And it adds a little bit of romance to the midnight snack. With a glass of fake wine on the side (for those who are curious, that's about 1/3 sparkling apple cider and 2/3 Perrier), I can almost imagine that we're out under the stars having a late night picnic. Now, instead of scoffing at my man's bottomless pit of a stomach, I'm rather liking this little change of pace. Just a few more months left to enjoy these stolen moments together before they are filled with late night feedings and diaper changes. Cheese anyone?


Adele said...

We are huge night-time snackers around here, pregnant or not! Your tray looks amazing, although I will admit we usually just do a bowl of cereal (me) or pb&j (ben)

sara said...

Yes, I am learning that it's rather nice to fall asleep with a full tummy rather than one that is just sort of satisfied.

Oooo... PB&J is one of my other pregnancy faves! Must go make one this instant!