New Mom Tip #4

It has been a long while since I've done a "New Mom Tip". I think when I first started them, I wanted to say things that weren't going to be in any pregnancy or parenting book. Nothing trite or obvious, just sharing a few little tidbits I had never really thought of until I learned them the hard way.

Yesterday was a learn the hard way moment, leading me to New Mom Tip #4: Never do the post sickness clean up until you're really sure the sickness is over. Yes, yesterday I fell victim to thinking my girl was all better only to find the poo-splosion heard round the world when she woke up from her nap. Did you feel it? Wednesday around 3:30 PM, EDST? That was us.

I had to carry my girl at arm's length to the bathroom I had just scrubbed from top to bottom and clean her poor little poo covered body. Sigh. I had to do yet another load of icky soiled laundry. Double sigh. In the grand scheme of things, not that big of a deal, but man was I served a nasty blow to the ego. The part of me that thought I had life all under control again. The part that thought a bottle of bleach could really fix everything and put us back on track. The part that has been aching to take my babe outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather, but has instead stayed in with the windows open, encouraging her to rest and keep taking sips of clear fluids.

Later on, I redid the bathroom floor and found that the rest of the room was still good to go. Again, not so bad. Oh, but it would have been nice to bask in the glory of a clean home for more than an hour. Perhaps today will be the day. We shall see.

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