The best yoga accessory

On Sunday I had a nasty little reminder that with this belly, my body isn't always up for the full amount of vigor and movement that a two-year-old can provide. During Mass, Addie was in rare form and for some reason wanted to be held by me most of the time. I obliged her and by the end of the service was feeling not quite pain per se, but a strong discomfort. My body was sounding the alarm telling me to stop whatever it was I was doing, or else...

Throughout the day, the strong discomfort grew steadily worse and was also accompanied by an irritated sciatic nerve. After resting on the bed and couch for a while, I was getting annoyed with remaining stagnant. Finally I decided to try and put into practice some of the stretches I've learned in my prenatal yoga class.

While Addie was distracted by a CD organization project Daddy was conducting, I pulled out the mat, the bricks and the bolster. Somehow she knew that something interesting was happening in the other room and my solitude didn't last long...

Who needs a bolster when you have a baby?

Do giggles contribute to Zen? I say, yes!

In the end, the fun of having her join in lifted my spirits, but it did not do so much for my physical healing. Oh well. I'll take a good mood along with a few aches and pains any day rather than have it the other way around.

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