In Search of Summer: May 27th

It is no secret that I love lavender. It is easily my favorite flower, scent, etc. We planted some last spring and it did OK for the first year. In the past few weeks however, my beloved lavender plant located right outside our bedroom window has exploded! I can't say how happy this makes me.

That gorgeous color...

The velvet blooms that call out, "Touch me! Smell me!"

I went out to collect some stems and Addie was so excited about the entire process. She took a sniff of one and held it up in the air giggling and shouting,

Then held out a flower to me with a, "Cheers!!!" My thoughts exactly.

Every time I walk past these beauties on my kitchen counter, it makes me smile.

There is still so much left outside and Curt asked me what I was going to do with it all... Good question, my love! I have endless visions of homemade oils and lotions. I saw a recipe for lavender shortbread cookies somewhere---where was it, again? Oh, this summer's gonna be good!

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Kerry said...

I LOVE lavender too! Yours is so gorgeous. I've always wanted to cook with it. I'd love to hear how our cookies turn out! Cheers! I love it!

sara said...

Thanks Kerry! I am working on getting ahold of a cookie recipe that I will definitely share if it turns out well. Take care--

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Love lavender! I make lavender almond tea cakes for our farmer's market. I usually use the dry leaves... So delicious!

ali @ an ordinary mom said...

Cheers! Indeed! What a cutie pie and such lovely lavender!

Erin said...

Oh my! I love, love, love lavender. My friend Kelly makes the most wonderful lavender scones and lavender lemonade... They're just perfect on a hot summer afternoon!

I'm doing In Search of Summer too. It's fun!

sara said...

Thank you all so much for the kind words and encouragement---Erin, lavender scones sound like heaven!!! Hooray for summer!