In Search of Summer

Today marks my 200th post on this blog! In celebration and anticipation of the heat that is to come, I am joining Mary over at The Yellow Door Paperie for her series:


Here in Kentucky we are only in the mid 80's so far, and this tiny oven in my belly is more than messing with my body temperature. The hubs and I have already had many conversations and mini-wars about where the thermostat should be set and whether we should keep our ceiling fan on at night:

Him: 73 degrees? Well, if you don't care about preserving the planet for our children....
Me: There wouldn't be any children to preserve the planet for if I wasn't pregnant, so deal with it.

Normally I am all about keeping our home at a more moderate temperature, but especially at night, I simply cannot do it. Just think of all the energy we saved when I was preggers with Addie and 7 months along in February... The house was a cool 60 - 65 in the evenings, which was heaven on my body and our budget. It all evens out in the end, I say.

Amidst all the sweat and the sun, I am determined not to let it break me and do my best to enjoy these last months home with my girl, just me and her. Monday, after a fantastic morning yoga class, I stopped to pick up a sprinkler for a little relief on hot afternoons. My, have they changed since I was a kid.

Addie was a little apprehensive at first, so I had to show her exactly how you're supposed to run through the water, arms flailing and squealing in delight. (It's times like these I'm both really sad and relieved that we do not employ a photo journalist to follow us through our days and document our life. Pictures of this portion of the event would surely have been priceless!)

Eventually, Little Miss. found the courage to give it a go and slowly made her way through the spraying water. Soaking wet, enjoying the sun and lots of giggles... Summer, here we come!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Love love love these photos. Yes, sprinklers are so hi-tec!

We ran through the sprinklers yesterday too!

Imene said...

Beautiful photos and if it makes you feel better water games are must in my house. I can't imagine how my summer would go without them!

sara said...

Playing outside in the sprinkler, kiddie pool, etc. remains one of my fondest memories as a kid. It's amazing how much fun it is just getting wet! Thank goodness for cold water and a hose... So simple and does the trick!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing, ladies!!!