PMS while preggers

I don't know if it's the rain or the seemingly endless gloomy skies or the hormones or what. But really, these mood swings are killing me (and likely, my husband as well). I go from deleriously happy to weepy at the drop of a hat and I'm struggling to get control over the roller coaster.

Perhaps I am subconsciously fearing the third trimester, which begins this week (holycrapholycrapholycrap). Maybe it's realizing my physical limitations due to my ever growing belly. Whatever the case, I am trying to use up/soak up/live up all the sweet moments I can. Because these days, I never know when a storm cloud will settle right over my head and send me on a full force tear fest.

One such happy moment, was Saturday morning when we went out to our favorite place with my dear friend, Matt for some fun, food, and just hangin' in the sun. But first we had to make a detour to, in my humble opinion, the best bakery in town: Le Matin. I wish I could direct you to a website, but this French bakery is keeping it old school. You just have to go there.

They make the best fruit tarts I have ever tasted. Aside from the deliciousness that explodes in your mouth (in a sensual melty way) there's always the fun in making highly inappropriate tart jokes. Like all good tarts, I got one for now and one for later. You see where I could go with this? Oh yes, non-stop entertainment!

In all of my pregnant glory, I decided to forego my extra tart and gift it to my darling babe, who until that fine morning, had never enjoyed the wonder that is Le Matin. I dare say, she loved it. And for those fine moments, I was at the top of my coaster, arms raised ready to squeal in delight. I think she was too.

Poor Daddy, all he had left was the shell. Although I must say, that's a pretty amazing crust if you ask me... even if it is sloppy seconds from a used up tart. ;)


Carmen said...

I will never forget the look of utter delight on your face the first time you had one of those, in our apartment, 3901 Rapid Run Dr.!!! Jealous of your proximity to that place.

sara said...

Oh I know... I owe it all to you! And I suppose I should also blame/credit you for the quickly disappearing container of Mouse Trap Pimento Cheese in my fridge. Goodness, it's time for a visit. I miss you... a lot. :(