What Keeps Me Going

Fridays on this space are dedicated to sharing what keeps me going... A moment, a photo, an event or a memory that stands out against whatever might have gone wrong or felt dark in the last seven days.

This week we experienced such a shift in Miss. Addie's interests. Usually, we have to fight with her throughout the day every day to keep Finding Nemo from gracing our presence through the DVD player. Now, it has changed from, "Nemo, Mommy! Nemo!!!" to, "Grover book, Mommy!!!" Even though I could easily whip out a surprise video of me doing an interpretive reading of The Monster at the End of this Book completely from memory, I'll spare you.

After Addie's nap one afternoon, she didn't want to get out of her crib. Instead, she asked for her baby and The Grover Book. I complied and then ran for the camera. She did not disappoint.

These moments of reading The Grover Book over and over have most definitely been the highlight of my week. But to all of you who have said that you wish you could come over so you could hear her read it in person, I say drop what you're doing and drive here as fast as you possibly can!!! After about the 20th time, you'll swear you're going mad... but I promise you won't regret it.  

I would love it if you joined me in sharing what keeps you going! Leave a comment to let me know you're participating and each week, I will include a list of everyone who is playing along.

**Special thanks to my dear friend Lee, my sister Emily, my honorary Mother-in-Law Mary, and my ever faithful dad for their words last week. Kisses and hugs...


Dennis said...

This has been a week of fullness...a 2.5 day conference...meetings in the evening...youth group yard sale (never knew how much "stuff" people at church have that they're not using!!!)...Sunday planning (that must go one every week regardless of other things) poor little truck that broke a ball joint while turning into a driveway Friday while picking up stuff for the yard sale (it does have 176K miles though)...What kept me going is a Bible verse from Philippian 4:19 "And my God will provide all your needs according to his glorious riches in Jesus Christ." Nuf said.

em said...

what kept me going? Skype and BOP (bug killer)!

Love you big sis!

Us said...

My moment of the week actually happened this 6am. I woke up freezing and needing to pee. Over the last few days, I've noticed that when my bladder is really full, it raises my uterus to where I can actually feel it. I laid my hands on my belly this morning before my trek to the bathroom, and I was suddenly very awake. I could seriously feel baby moving under my hands! He/she was rolling all around and even kicked once. Amazing. It's not till you actually feel the little booger move, that it feels real to me. Love him/her!

mary said...

This week I'm going with 21st century communication technology as the thing that kept me going. Skype, facebook, blogs, and cell phones provided a priceless connection with loved ones during a pretty anxious time. And,these amazing tools reminded me so many times of the importance of personal ministry. Every person that reached out to Nathan and Em with friendship, advice, assistance, encouragement or kindness in any form touched not only them, but all of us as well. It is a great source of comfort to know that when those you love are outside the reach of your embrace, He will send other arms to enfold them.

P.S. - Thank you, Sara. I'm thrilled to be your honorary MIL!

sara said...

As always, it's such a delight to hear what stood out to you all.

Dad, one of these weeks you're going to catch a break... I'm not sure when, but I hope it's soon!

Em, I want to find who created Skype and kiss them on the mouth... Tongue, no tongue, their choice! (Dad, that was for you! :p)

Jenn, isn't that the most incredible feeling ever! It makes all of the morning sickness, weight gain and stretch marks more than worth it.

Mary, I love what you said about personal ministry. I echo those sentiments exactly!