What Keeps Me Going

Fridays on this space are dedicated to sharing what keeps me going... A moment, a photo, an event or a memory that stands out against whatever might have gone wrong or felt dark in the last seven days.

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be a trying one, with Addie throwing the tantrum heard 'round the world. Seriously, if you heard banshee-esque echos of screaming and screeches that made you hold your babies tighter and reach for your rosary, never fear... it wasn't demons inching closer to your loved ones, just my child.

Curt had his own interesting time with her while I enjoyed a girls' night out, but that's a story for him to share, maybe on a guest post?

All of those difficult moments were forgotten this morning when Addie developed a fever of 101.6. Funny how the girl that sometimes makes me want to rip my hair out and beat my head against a wall is the very same person who pulls me back from the edge of insanity, just by laying on my chest and sleeping.

As much as I hate it when she's sick, I wouldn't trade those sweaty snuggles for anything in the world. It breaks my heart to see her uncomfortable and everything else gets put on hold in order to tend to her needs. But it only reminds me how precious these years are. Pretty soon, she'll be too big to fit on top of me this way and I'll have to lay next to her when she's feeling ill.

The laundry will not get done. We won't bake cookies like I planned. The sprinkler will remain on the back porch. But we will watch our fair share of Ratatouille and snuggle through naps, doses of medicine and temperature-taking. As strange as it may be, it is keeping me going today. The world stops spinning as Addie and I take to the bed and the couch. Until she is well again...

I would love it if you joined me in sharing what keeps you going! Leave a comment to let me know you're participating and each week, I will include a list of everyone who is playing along.

**Special thanks to Heather at Shivaya Naturals, my dear friend Jenn, my sisters Emily and Kate (who can be found here and here), my honorary Mother-in-Law Mary, my mom and my ever faithful dad for chiming in last week. Kisses and hugs...


Kerry said...

Oh, poor little sweetie! I have had moments when Henry just drove me nuts and then it ended up that he was sick. Man, did I ever feel guilty for being so crabby with him. How sweet that she's a snuggler. Hope she's feeling better soon!

mary said...

The high point of my week came during the Honors Program near the end of the night. After 2 hours in the bleachers they were down to the final few awards and I was more than ready to go. Then they announced a new award for exemplary citizenship, endowed by a family whose son (friend and coworker of Nathan) had died just weeks after their graduation. A few sentences into the introduction of the awardee, I realized she was describing John. I watched as his friends started to poke, pat and punch him. He just kept shaking his head until they finally said his name. As a parent, there is nothing that fills your heart more than the times when others recognize the special-ness of your child. Because, as any mom can atest, we knew it all along. I am so blessed by all of my children.

Dennis said...

What kept me going was the thought that on Saturday, I could actually sleep in. That is a rare luxury with my virtual 7 day a week schedule.

sara said...

Thanks, Kerry! We think she came down with Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. She's much better now... after the weekend is over, of course!

Mary, how incredible! Congrats to John and to you as his amazing mother. You have so much to be proud of!

Dad, it's about time!!! I'm so glad you were finally able to get a little rest. Just one more month until the big getaway.