World's biggest undies

Potty training is nearly upon us and in preparation, I picked up a few pairs of girls' training pants this morning. Last week I bought some pretty little girl panties that Addie will hopefully want to try and keep dry. I got those in a size 2T/3T and they seemed pretty spot on. When I was shopping today, I thought I'd stick with the size that works.

Oh my goodness, I couldn't have been more wrong. These training pants are the biggest panties I have seen in a LONG time. I pulled them out of the package and kept unfolding them until I ended up with this gigantic plastic beast that nearly filled my lap.

I know, from that photo it doesn't look so bad. But when sitting next to a pair that is the correct size...

Still not convinced? Alright, to put it in total perspective, here is a shot of Addie's sweet little girl panties, the humongous monster training pants and then a pair of my maternity underwear.

See? Those things could go all the way up to Addie's neck and probably close to my belly button. Really, what two or three year old could fit into them? Look out, Target--you're about to have a very confused Mommy in your Customer Service line.

Then again, maybe I'll just wear them to the pool myself. Previously mentioned problem: solved!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

AND big box stores regular girls undies go from size 4 to 6. What if a kid, like mine doesn't fit in either size!?! And needs a five?

How hard is that to ask.

Those trainers are huge!

sara said...

I have never understood why there is no set standard for sizing in all clothing. Drives me nuts!!!

Oh, and my husband was able to cover HIS ENTIRE HEAD with a pair of those training pants. If only I had the camera close by...