Getting ready for baby

When I was pregnant with Addie, we had a million things we needed to do to get ready for her arrival. We had multiple lists floating around--things we needed to purchase, classes we needed to take, books we were going to read, projects to be done around the house. With this pregnancy, lets just say we've taken a much more laid back approach in regard to preparation.

I'm due in 7 1/2 weeks and we have done next to nothing in what will eventually be this baby's nursery. I have yet to dig out Addie's old baby clothes to identify any gaps that must be filled for weather appropriateness. I don't have nearly enough cloth diapers for a tiny babe. There is still much to be done.

But there is one area that I made sure received its due attention: baby knits. Yes, a mom has got to have her priorities! I firmly believe that for me, the mommy gene and the crafty gene were about as close to one and the same as possible. I didn't start knitting until after Addie was born so she had not one baby item that was made by me. How in the world is that possible?

Well that is something special for this baby girl, our 2nd born. She will have Mommy hand knits. Oh yes she will! I have a few items on the horizon already. The needles required to get started just arrived so the frenzy is about to begin...

I just finished the proverbial newborn hat, made with

This delicious sock yarn will eventually become a pair of leg warmers and some kind of slouchy hat:

I have this super soft cotton that will be transformed into a tiny little end of summer sweater (found in Weekend Knitting):

And of course, I can't let Ms. Addie feel left out so I had to fit a project in for her as well (found in Family Knits):

Our newest bundle of joy may not have a room fully decorated, she may not have enough winter clothes and her tiny bum may see a Pamper or two, but she will be wrapped in love that was made just for her by Mommy. As far as I'm concerned, all those other things can wait.


Kerry said...

There is nothing more exciting than knitting for your own little yet-to-be-born babe! I loved making a special blanket, hats, a sweater, and little booties for Nora while I was pregnant. I love your color and pattern choices!

Isn't it all a bit more relaxing the second time around! (Well, most of it anyway... my insomnia was much worse with #2 but all of the prep felt much easier!)

sara said...

Thanks, Kerry! I am so excited to dive into my projects and see this babe wrapped in all the handmade love. And I hope the rhythm of the needles will help calm some of my nerves. For some reason I find myself more anxious about this baby than I was with Addie. I guess I know what I'm getting into this time around and it scares me to death!

I love reading your words of wisdom and feeling the support trickle down from up north. Sending you hugs...