In Search of Summer: June 7th

Flowers are starting to bloom in our backyard. My favorite, besides the lavender of course, are the tiger lilies...

They are ever so gorgeous, and seem to smile up at me as I walk by.

We have one very tall stalk in particular that keeps reaching higher and higher outside our bedroom window.

At first, it really creeped me out to see how thick it was and how fast and high it was growing. It seemed like the kind of plant that would try and break through the glass to attack me while I slept.

But as I see how many buds there are and exactly what is in store for me and my viewing pleasure any day now, I have decided to reframe.

Yes, now I imagine this beautiful flowering plant growing higher and higher until it reaches the clouds, sporting incredible blooms all the way. There's a lot of summer left to go... Who knows? It could happen.


Auntie Em said...

umm - that plant really creeps me out.

like, really.

I would cut that down before it eats your entire family.

sara said...

Most of the time, I leave the shades to that window down because the baby swing sits right in front of it and it's just too weird to see that thing right beyond the glass... I'm praying that once it blooms, the mood will totally shift and I'll never want the shades drawn again... We'll see.