In Search of Summer: June 9th

This is the final day of the In Search of Summer series and it has been quite fun to spend some time looking at our life through the lens of this fast approaching season. Today we are enjoying some late spring/early summer storms that will hopefully help kick our garden into high gear.

The time inside and the soothing sounds of distant thunder are giving this Mommy a much needed dose of calm. After last week's hard core potty training sessions that included hours spent on a hard bathroom floor, my body is in need of a break. Or maybe I finally need to put my foot down and insist that Addie walk on her own even if she throws a fit for me to carry her. Mmmm... not a chance. I  know I have such little time left when my arms are empty and free to hold her close. It's worth a little pain in my back and hip every now and again.

Having said that, I must quickly press on so I can immediately assume the side-laying position with some strategic placement of a body pillow while my girl is napping. A little forced relaxation never hurt anyone, especially someone nearly 30 weeks pregnant.

So I will leave you on this fine Wednesday with some pictures of Miss. Addie enjoying her first experience of corn on the cob. I know, it's a little early for such a luxury and it is definitely not local, but it was on sale and I just couldn't help myself. I wish I could blame it on a pregnancy craving, but in all honesty, preggo or not, it wouldn't matter. Corn (ahem) fresh corn, is one of my all time favorite foods and whenever I see it, there's no turning back.

There's nothing like biting into those bursts of slightly crunchy sweetness all slathered in butter and laced with salt. 

I'm so glad to know she agrees.

Don't worry, my love. We will eat so much more of this in the months to come--those hot, sticky, melty, sweaty, carefree, giggly, popsicly, sunny summer months. I can't wait!

Thank you Mary, for hosting such a fun series! If you haven't yet been to
The Yellow Door Paperie, check it out and see how others
have been searching for summer...

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