The post I never wrote

I always swore I would never write a blog post about having "one of those days". We all have them, we all know what they're about and you are probably not interested in every little thing that has irritated me since I woke up this morning. In fact, I had resolved not to write anything at all today. Then I talked to my sister who suggested I simply crank out a few sentences and let it go. Good advice. Oh, but then the real fun started...

Before I allowed my fingers to touch the keyboard, I was going to try and refresh myself--forget that this morning the nurse told me no more caffeine or sugar, erase the memory of cleaning pee off the couch again, catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs and come back to this space refreshed and with a renewed perspective... Then I started to hear thunder in the background. Nice, I love a good afternoon storm. I raised the shades to look outside and saw items blowing through our yard that I could swear I just put into the recycling container a few days ago. Hmmm... That's because I did.

I ran outside under the charcoal clouds that were looming and moving closer, but still not quite here. However, once I got into the backyard (seriously, about six seconds later) everything was already gone--blown away. I awkwardly schlepped my preggo booty over to rescue the trash bin, which had tipped over and put the lid back on the recycling. The tarp on my husband's lawn tractor was hanging on by a thread and while I was trying to secure the damn thing (with my cotton tent of a dress blowing every which way) I heard the loudest freakin' clap of thunder ever. OK, time to go back in.

With a few, alright--with many cursings under my breath, I tucked the tarp in as best I could and ran inside just as the rain started to come down. That was close.

Damaging winds, destructive hail, dangerous lightning... Is The Weather Channel describing the storm or my mood? Either way, it can't last forever. Even as I write these words, the winds are calming and the darkness above is lifting.

Of course, in the tradition of a "one of those days" posts that I will never write, there is the all-important component of ending on a happy note. A few sentiments to ensure that brighter moments are just around the corner and in the midst of chaos there is still much to be grateful for. Very true. For example, by some miracle sent straight from the heavens, my girl is still sleeping. As far as I can tell, no more trash or recycling escaped from our bins and whether or not that tarp blew away... I can honestly find happiness in either scenario.

And just in case it isn't all over, I can always rely one of these standbys to help get me through the rest... Try to look on the bright side. Tomorrow is another day. Every cloud has it's silver lining. It's always darkest before the dawn. It's just one of those days.... Yes, it is.


Kerry said...

Hmmm, you could have stopped at no coffee and no sugar and it would have been a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day for me. (Do you know that book? We read it any time one of us is having a tough day.) All the rest makes it even worse. I'm sorry my dear. Hang in there!

Kate said...

Thanks for writing anyway, Sis! You have so many fans who look forward to hearing about whatever's on your mind each day... even if it's a laced with a touch of the grumps. I second Kerry's suggestion of reading "Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". It's a classic. :-)

Dennis said...

That's what I call the Scarlett O'Hara mentality..."Tomorrow is another day!"

sara said...

I DO remember that book! I don't think we have a copy just yet--must find a way to fix that!
Thank you so much for the encouragement. Today has already proven to be much better and somehow I'm managing without my morning cup of coffee... I will admit, I miss having as many cups as I'd like throughout the day more than an evening glass of wine. I think once this baby is born I will have to write an ode to two of my favorite smells... a freshly uncorked bottle of red and a brewing pot of coffee..... loves of my life!