In Search of Summer: June 2nd

Over the past several months, whenever I mentioned to someone that I planned to potty train Addie before the new baby arrived they all said, "Wait until summer--it's the perfect time to do it." So I listened, and starting yesterday, Addie and I have been living in the bathroom working on peeing in the potty.

I knew it wouldn't be easy and I knew it would take a lot of time and patience. (The latter of which, I am known for lacking.) Nothing could have prepared me for the number of hours I would spend sitting on our bathroom floor. I swear, my ass will never be the same again. I also had no idea how exhausting it would be to just sit and wait and wait and wait. For what? Pee.

I could spend quite a while telling stories after only a day and a half of this new venture. I am so SO tired and have thought of quitting about 100 times already. But no! I must press on! Sore booty or no sore booty, I've come this far... Addie has too. We're doing this.

The plan was to take her outside for the day in an effort to mix things up a bit and minimize the cleaning of accidents, but the weather is not cooperating. How can I find summer in the midst of exhaustion, the smell of pee and a cloudy/rainy day? By raiding my herb garden and harvesting fresh basil, of course!

Yes, my solution is food. Are you shocked? I sat down to enjoy a plate of fresh spinach and tomato basil pasta (purchased from my farmer's market pasta dudes) combined with a nice helping of homemade pesto.

It's amazing how it just tastes green and I love that when I'm done there are tiny little flecks of basily goodness flung within a five foot radius all around me. So very good, I don't mind the mess one bit. Totally worth it. Totally summer.

Add a couple of homemade chocolate chip cookies and my belly is blissfully content, along with the baby inside, happy and kicking with glee. I love to imagine her in there thinking: Thanks Mom! That pesto is yummmmmy!!! And cookies too? You're the best!

All I need now is a little nap, laying on my side to give my bum a much needed break and I'll be set for round two--post nap potty training. Please clouds, won't you part and shine a little sun down upon us? I've got a full moon that would be forever grateful.

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