A week of updates in pictures: Our Garden

I recently realized that I have written about starting many projects in the past few months, but then never gave any info. on the progress (or lack thereof) of these adventures. This week I have decided to fill you in!

You might remember a post I did in April about planting some seeds with my girl that I hoped would turn into a garden. Then in May I wrote about finally getting the seedlings and a few more other exciting plants into the ground. Since then it has been a slow process watching our little babies grow. But in the last week or so, with the help of some rain, our precious fruits and veggies are finally showing some promise.

(Please excuse the netting that laces these photos. We have quite the bunny rabbit population in our neighborhood and it really helps to keep those curious little critters out of my veggies.)

Our handful of blueberries are starting to darken.

My herbs are still going strong--those little basil sprigs are surprises that came back from last year. Lets just say there are big plans for batches and batches of pesto that will hopefully last us through the winter. There is also a healthy patch of oregano quickly coming back after I cut off a ton and dried it last week. And of course, the dill. I'm not quite sure what to do with that yet, as I normally don't cook with dill that much, but hopefully something brilliant will come to me.

What a pleasant surprise to see this watermelon shooting up--Curt and Addie planted those seeds just a few weeks ago and they are taking off. Yes!!!

Three out of four cucumber plants are thriving... Maybe there's the solution to my dill conundrum!

My other summer favorite: tomatoes... Grow babies, grow!

Our peppers seem to be taking their sweet time, although I do see a tiny flower on one of these beauties. Don't worry, I have all summer. I can wait!

The biggest shocker is this growing head of lettuce. It won't be long now before this is on my table.

We still have a long way to go, but I think God is using this experience to help teach me patience. I am certain all of the yumminess to come will be well worth the wait.


mary said...

Looks great Sara! Fresh dill is great in tuna salad. Enjoy all your little green babies!

Dennis said...

About the basil...I learned from experience that this basil must be used and not try to save it by drying. It ends up getting black mildew on it.'ll have to make your pesto and then find a way to can it. I think that's the only way to enjoy it later in winter. FWIW...

Lee Zuhars said...

Hey Sara and Dennis,
I have a friend that freezes her pesto in ice cube trays then once they are frozen takes them out and puts the cubes into a freezer bag. I would think that would work well also.

sara said...

I just made a fantastic batch of pesto the other day. I will keep it in the fridge and what doesn't get eaten in a week will go in the freezer. Since canning is not the easiest thing for us, freezing is the next best option!