A week of updates in pictures: The Quilt

For the last two days I have talked about some pretty nice triumphs in my project queue, but today I am going to let it all hang out and share about where I have faltered. Way back in January I got this bright idea to join in the "On the Road to Spring" Quilt-Along. I followed right along for about... oh... a week and a half. Then I fell behind. And then I totally stopped.

I kept up with reading the assignments every week and was amazed at the clarity and simplicity of the instructions. I was determined to pick up where I left off as soon as The Olympics was over... as soon as my morning sickness went away... as soon as... as soon as... That combination of words could quite possibly be the most toxic phrase ever, I've decided. Because guess what? All of those "as soon as..." excuses passed by (believe it or not, The Olympics has been over for a while now) and I have yet to budge on my quilt.

I even started and completed other sewing projects in the meantime and managed to screw up my machine while I was at it.
Another nail in the coffin... a broken sewing machine.

Except this coffin comes in the form of a storage bin
in the corner of my dining room.

Yes, after my husband questioned me about it more than a few times, I packed away my fabric and supplies so they could rest safely out of plain view and not sit out in the open for all to see. (I tell you, I've got to get a crafting room! I mean, the hubs gets the garage--where is my space? One of these days...)

I will say that I do have hope. Very soon, my sewing machine will get a long overdue service and (fingers crossed) come back to me in tip top shape. And the fabric sitting in my bin is in fact not dead, but only sleeping. It is patiently waiting to be cut and bound together in a fabulous new creation that will be cherished for so many reasons.

Someday... As soon as my machine is fixed? As soon as this baby is born? As soon as I learn how to cut fabric faster? As soon as...? Oh screw it. It will happen. Someday.

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