Big girl bed

Last night Addie made the monumental switch from sleeping in a crib to her "big girl bed", which for the moment is a twin sized mattress on a trundle frame. We have been talking about it with her for over a month and yesterday we finally held out breaths and took the leap.

I was very nervous about how she would handle it and our girl surprised me by getting through the night without a hitch. Oh, if only that meant we were done--transition complete--end of story. This mama is not that lucky.

The fun started after I got back from the appointment with my midwife this morning, who graciously told me that she thinks I will go all the way to term with this kiddo. (Really, she just confirmed what I already suspected.) On one hand, it's an incredible blessing that I can carry babies to the bitter end and remain healthy in the process. But on the other, man it would be nice to shave just a few days off of that countdown.

Curt went into work and I stayed behind for the rest of what should have been a normal day, beginning with nap time. All started out well, but once it came time to leave Addie in her bed to drift off into an afternoon slumber, hell opened up its rusty gates and let out all creatures of the undead to take over my child and leave me sobbing in the bathroom not knowing what to do.

Eventually the dreadful screaming subsided as sleep chased her down and found her, but it has left me feeling exhausted and emotionally drained, wondering why these things only seem to happen when I'm by myself.

C'est la vie. Such is life. Such is motherhood.

To cheer myself up in these few moments of quiet, I will leave you with a favorite picture of my babe from last week. We decided to pick the lettuce that has been slowly and steadily growing in the center of our garden. We let it go partly because we weren't sure exactly when we were supposed to pick it and partly because once it started to get so long, it was kind of interesting to see just how big it could get.

Salad, anyone?


Kate said...

Addie's hair is getting so LONG!!! Hang in there with the big girl bed business. You are an awesome mom and 100% capable of handling whatever moods or messes your darling girl (and whatever foulness may be temporarily possessing her) can produce! Keep calm and carry on!

love love love you,

sara said...

Thanks, love. Today is better--much, MUCH better. I put a reward out there for her to focus on if she goes down for her nap with no fit, crying or growling. She even repeated it back to me just before I put her down. "No fits, no cying, no gggguuuurrr." And so far, not a peep. Hooray for popsicles and the promise of a little bit of Shrek!