Ladies lunch

What do two happenin' gals eat for lunch on a cloudy Tuesday? Organic yogurt with fresh blueberries and local honey, and pasta from my beloved pasta dudes with nothing but butter and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Addie wanted to help make it so she sprinkled salt in the boiling water, dumped in the pasta, mixed the butter in with the steaming noodles and assisted in the cheese grating process. We had to continue with the "big girl" roll we've been on, so she sat in a big girl chair (wearing a pajama top, a pull-up and black patent leather mary janes) and ate on a big girl plate with a big girl fork. After a few bites, she yelled out, "Yummy! I love pasta!"

Oh sweet girl, you are mine.


Kerry said...

You may not want to hear it, but she is looking like quite a big girl too! Hope the bed transition is working out. We're struggling with naptime transitions right now. Nora has decided that instead of two she'll take one very short one, or none. It might be the new teeth coming in though that's making it worse.

Your lunch sounds fabulous!

sara said...

I know! Good thing I'll have a tiny baby to comfort my sadness in seeing Addie grow so much.
The transition to the big girl bed is getting MUCH better, but to be honest, it is happening with the wonder of bribery. "If you stay in bed, and go to sleep with no fits or crying or growling, you can have a popsicle and watch a little bit of Shrek when you wake up." At first I felt really guilty about it, but at least it works. I'm so desperate for some down time in the middle of the day, I'd resort to giving her cold hard cash if I thought it would do the trick!
Best of luck to you in your naptime struggles, Kerry! Those teeth will come in and eventually she'll go back to sleep. :)