A little comfort

In the midst of late pregnancy discomforts and a new stage of tantrums only a two-year-old could muster, I have been looking for comfort wherever I can find it. Of course for me, that usually comes in the form of food. Some people crave ice cream, but this mama loves her bread and pasta. Since this is the fresh stuff from our farmer's market, it goes from the fridge to my belly in about 10 minutes flat. Perfect.

And then there's the soothing rhythm of needles clicking and sliding around delicious cotton yarn that feels so good between my fingers. Even if I can only find time for a few rows here and there, those moments are as restorative and calming as a nice warm bath. 

But the best comfort by far is at the end of the day, when my hubs slips into bed next to me, and grants me with every pregnant woman's greatest dream...
A foot/ankle/calf massage.
SO fantastic, it makes me wish nighttime was here already.

Where do you find comfort these days?


Us said...

Mine usually involves some sort or candy and time with friends. Omar knows this...and I now I feel surrounded by candy. Seriously...there is so much candy in this house.

Kerry said...

Nothing better than fresh summer pasta and knitting! Knitting is one for me as it settling in with a good book. Chocolate isn't too bad either, but I am trying to fight that urge!

sara said...

MMmmmm.... chocolate. Must. find. some. immediately!