A little flair

It would appear once again that our girl has quite the flair for drama. About a week ago, out of the blue, she put her hands over her eyes, made a frown face and said she was sad. I was concerned and asked why she was sad. Then, Miss. Addie pulled her hands away from her face, threw her head back and laughed like she just pulled off the funniest trick in the world. She kind of did.

Now she wants to do it over and over again, but in front of a camera. I can't let her down. After all, I've got to earn my place in her Oscar acceptance speech, right? If she keeps this up, she just might get there.


beeka-beeka said...

One request - please loop the we can her the little one laugh over and over and over again!

Kate said...

it's such a mean trick when I open up a new blog post at work only to find that it includes a video that I won't be able to watch until I get home late tonight!!! Not so good for your sister who lacks patience. :-(

sara said...

Yes, I think her laugh in this is quite possibly the funniest thing ever! So sinister for a two-year-old. Hilarious, yet kind of frightening. Fantastic!!!