The trouble with shelves

Tuesday afternoon, as we were admiring our newly installed bookshelves, we noticed a little something. On the inside of one of the shelving units, where the holes are drilled for the pegs that make the shelves adjustable, we saw that there were a lot of extra holes. Hmmm... Curious. After further investigation we discovered that said side panel was assembled UPSIDE DOWN.

The guys who installed the built-ins (i.e. attached them to our walls) noticed this as well and decided to drill extra holes to try and cover up the mistake. Had we attempted to move the shelves however, we would have learned quite quickly that on one side, all of the holes are 1/2 in. off. That's the trouble with shelves, I guess. Having them lay flat is kind of important. 

Cue dramatic confrontation with construction company owner.

My dearest husband spent nearly an entire day debating with this man over how the mistake was to be remedied. We think we have a resolution in place that does not involve ripping the thing off our wall, but only time will tell if it will work out. In the meantime, the project timeline has been lengthened and I have to deal with people in and out of my house for the next few days.

Seriously. Annoyed. I mean, upside down? Really? How do these things happen?

On the bright side, when these kinds of irritants pop up, they make a great platform for random bits of humor...

In the midst of a frustrated rant Curt said, "I wouldn't pay this guy to build me a birdhouse!"

I got a haircut last week and last night Curt picked up a single strand of one of my bangs that was longer than the rest and said, "Hey babe, I think Emily missed one." I said, "Oh don't you ever say anything bad about Emily! She does not mess up my hair and I bet she can put a bookshelf together the right way!"

At least we can laugh about it I suppose. Sort of. In the meantime I believe this calls for the indulgence of a few extra Biscoff Cookies to take the edge off and distract me from our house's current state of disarray. Those crunchy bits of gingery goodness work every time. Perhaps a box should be included for free with each bookshelf installation.


Carmen said...

Wow. Maybe the same guy who sawed my dowel 36" dowel rod in "half" at lowes installed you shelves. And by in half I mean one piece was 12" and the other was 24" AND he used a ruler. ??? Seriously.

sara said...

LOL! These stories crack me up. They shouldn't, but what else can you do? ...besides do it yourself.