What I attempted to cover myself with today

Some days I sit down at my computer and I know exactly what I'm going to write about. I have it totally planned in my head, pictures and all, and I am ready to let it flow. Today is not one of those days. Thankfully, there is inspiration everywhere.

During my lunchtime blog reading, I saw that Lisa (author of one of my all time favorite blogs and creater of some really beautiful jewelry, which I WILL own someday) joined in on this fun idea.

Since I am having some major issues with my wardrobe lately, I thought why not? With 23 days left to go until my due date, I have entered into the land of belly exposure. When I was preggers with Addie, I refused to allow this and went out to purchase larger shirts to keep everything under wraps. Unfortunately, that was at the end of winter and all of those items are long-sleeved.

Now, I am without a second income and am faced with the choice of either buying more maternity tops that will see me through these last few weeks, but not beyond. OR, I can spend that money on nursing tops that will last throughout the next year. And the winner is option #2. Enter embarassed pregnant woman with her belly hanging out.

As you can see, I am not too thrilled with this look, but it is way too damn hot for layers, so this baby belly is forced to show itself to the world. Sigh. I am decked out head to knee in Old Navy, but funny enough, the skirt is not from the maternity department. Go figure. If I could have angled the camera a bit better (and believe me, I tried) you would see some brown Reef flip flops as well.

I will surely not see any fashion awards heading my way in the coming weeks, and I pray that I don't run into anyone I know every time I leave the house. But I am harboring the fantasy that one day, perhaps soon, I will sort of have my body back and can treat myself to this for the fall. A girl can dream, right?


Dennis said...'ll fit right in with the Walmart crowd...tee hee. :D

sara said...

Not said like a man who has a birthday coming up in a few weeks...

mary said...

My friend who just delivered last month was in the same situation. She extended her wardrobe by borrowing some of her hubby's t-shirts.

Kenny said...

Just paint your belly to look like a shirt.

Kerry said...

You wear it well my dear! Any chance you'd think about cutting the sleeves off of one of the bigger long sleeved maternity shirts to make yourself a little DIY tank? With it being knit it shouldn't unravel too much. Just a thought. Your newest little Miss will be here before you know it!

scrappingadvocate said...

I was thinking the same as Kerry.....trim and hem the sleeves of your long sleeve maternity shirts (provided they aren't sweaters)! If you can't sew, they should be ok for just a few weeks just cut off. This is why I only have two children, I hated being pregnant. I think it's funny that maternity bottoms now go under the tummy. 9 years ago, they went up and over, maybe to help with this dilemma? She will be here soon!

sara said...

Wow. Thanks, Kenny. You made me laugh.

I hadn't thought of cropping my long sleeved shirts, but to be honest, the idea of such a project right now makes me tired just thinking about it. In the few weeks I have left, I'd much rather work on stuff for the baby--even if it means I'm left as a tragic fashion victim. ;)
Next time though... I'll definitely consider it. Thanks for the great idea!