No outfits today

This week I totally botched the "What I Wore Wednesday" for three reasons:
     1. My sisters started getting here on Thursday and I wasn't paying attention to capturing my outfits.
     2. I am basically wearing the same things I have already posted, just in different color schemes.
     3. I secretly hoped I would be showing off a picture of me in a hospital gown, but alas, I'm still preggers.

Maybe next Wednesday, right? 

Instead, I will share with you a highlight of the last few days. We finally got the last of the baby items down from the attic and put them together so everything is officially ready. The best part of it all was how much Addie wanted to participate. It warmed my heart to see her jump right in, screwdriver in hand, saying, "I'll help you!"

She's such a good big sister already!


Dennis said...

Addie got her wrench skills from her Pepere'!!!!

Imene said...

As much as I enjoy being pregnant the last weeks are hell. I can only think about one thing "get it out of me".
Look at it this way, at least now one is easy to watch!!
Hope your delivery comes soon and smooth!