No PEZ for Mommy

When we were at our cabin last month, my dad gifted Addie with a Pooh Bear PEZ dispenser. Up until that point, jelly beans were the going treat for peeing on the potty--but once this nifty little gadget that releases super sweet candy goodness came into the picture, the jelly beans have long been forgotten.

Now after Little Miss. does her business, she quietly runs over to stand next to the counter, or my purse if we're out, and wait for her reward. Then she usually screams to anyone within earshot (and sometimes beyond), "I pee pee potty and got PEZ!!" Very exciting, I tell you... Especially in church.

Yes, we bribe our child to use the bathroom where she should. No, I don't feel the slightest bit of guilt about it. After those first few rough weeks, Addie has done so very well with potty training that I can't complain about our tactics. In fact, I've joked that these days I have more accidents than she does. Oh, if only that statement could remain funny.

You see, on Tuesday afternoon I put our girl down for her nap and went to rest on my bed for a few minutes before I tackled my to-do list. I was having Braxton Hicks contractions as usual and didn't think anything of it. Then I suddenly felt like I was sitting in this kind of damp warmth and thought maybe I should head to the bathroom. I discovered that beneath where I was laying was a clear wet spot about the size of a saucer that soaked all the way through the quilt and the sheets. Hmmm... curious.

I pee peed on the potty myself and thought that since I just had to go, it couldn't possibly have been urine. Besides, Lena has jabbed at my bladder plenty of times to the point where a few drops came out and this didn't feel anything like that. I would know if I peed, right?

Could it have been amniotic fluid leaking out? Did my water really just break? Naaahhhh... I decided to clean myself up and go write my blog for the day. I mean, priorities people.

After about an hour, I determined that I shouldn't ignore this incident any longer and called Curt at work. "Call Katie," he said. So I did. She told me I needed to either go to the hospital or come into the office to get checked out. I choose option B, thank you very much.

Curt left work early so I could go in right away and we called our parents to tell them that things may be in motion, but we weren't sure yet. Katie checked me out, did a little test and the results showed that it was in fact, not amniotic fluid. I was overcome with relief, seeing as I wasn't in labor and if my water had broken we would have had to make some difficult decisions. Then I was like--wait a minute, if it wasn't amniotic fluid then what the hell was it? My dear midwife explained, "It was probably just pee, honey."

Nice. Really? But it didn't feel like I peed at all. She said sometimes that happens. Awesome. Call off the troops. No baby today. And no PEZ for Mommy.



Dennis said...

Do I need to go my mommy more PEZ???

Jill said...

This is the best! We used M&M's with Erin for going potty and a mint (I called them stickless pops) for poop. The hardest part was weaning her off of them.
I really have to thank you for this honest and private post. I really needed to laugh today.
Best wishes these last few days.