Sister time

Today I am officially three days away from my due date. Sigh. A week ago I was nervous about the prospect of Lena arriving early, although I felt ready. Now I feel so ready that it's exhausting. Perhaps the difference is that help has finally arrived. My sisters have been on rotation since Thursday so that I haven't been alone and the amount of relief I feel is incredible.

It is no secret how much I love my sisters and how central they are to my general well-being. Having them here has taken my anxiety down about 100 notches and allowed me to focus on the importance of becoming a mommy again. We got the chance to spend some time together just the three of us and although it was short lived, it was a hair shy of 24 hours of feeling like everything was OK. Even Curt loves having the extra helping hands around and said of my sister Kate, "Can we please keep her?"

For the rest of the week I'll have my island adventuring sister here to help with Addie while I work on coaxing this baby out of my belly. Em said she doesn't know what to do with me because I'm not taking the time to be still and relax. That time will come once Lena is in my arms and I can bond and snuggle with her in new ways.

Until then, I am working on staying active and making sure our home feels cozy and ready for the newest member of our family. I tell you, as stressful as it can be to prepare for a baby, there really is nothing like a house all filled up with tiny clothes and gear, just waiting to swallow up a brand new little one. I can't wait.

Oh, but wait we must. Good thing there was a little yoga yesterday morning to take the edge off. Three sisters, all dressed up and ready for some good stretching. What better way to start the week?


Kate said...

That yoga was fun, but MAN am I SORE!!! I can only imagine how different my body would feel if I was able to do that three times a week.

Our sister time was such a blessing and though Em won't be there when I come back in three weeks, I'm looking forward to having a short reprise and getting to hold sweet Lena in my arms. :-)

Love love love you!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Look at how beautiful you three (four!) are. You are so blessed to have close sisters. Wishing you well on a safe labor and delivery. Warmly, Nicola

Kerry said...

You are all too adorable! Yoga is the best. Good for you keeping up with it right up to the end of your pregnancy! You are in my thoughts!