What a difference a week makes

This morning I finally flipped our calendar over to August. It's here. The month when, God willing, the three of us will become four. The countdown has moved from months, to weeks, to days... 18 left until that silly little prediction we call a due date.

I had an appointment with Katie today and as usual, I left her office feeling hopeful and fantastic. Last week she said she thought I'd go all the way. When she walked in and saw me a few hours ago she said, "I was wondering if you'd even still be pregnant today." What a trickster. Per her advice, I started a Black and Blue Cohosh tincture regiment that is apparently working. Miss. Lena is much more engaged in my pelvis, my cervix is "super soft" and I'm just over 1 cm dilated. Excellent.

I know this doesn't necessarily mean anything. I could still go these next three weeks as pregnant as ever. But compared to the status of things only one week ago, there has definitely been a significant shift. Just the hope of delivering early has lifted my spirits and spiked my energy level. I called Curt immediately and told him we needed to (ahem) "get our sh*t done". I could tell he was excited because he didn't even argue with me, he just said "OK!"

Now this mama is ready to go. I've got baby clothes in the washer and dryer, piles of clutter disappearing left and right, a super fantastic meal (seriously, this is delicious--make it for dinner tonight--I promise you won't be sorry) prepped and ready to freeze for later and a napping two-year-old. A perfect recipe for efficient last minute baby prepping.

Worst case scenario is that we get all the logistics taken care of in advance and we have to sit back, relax and wait for Helena Marie to grace us with her presence outside of my womb. That's definitely an idea I can live with. But for now, I'm off to whistle while I work. Family of four, here we come!


Lee Zuhars said...

I am so excited for you guys and I can't wait to see her!! YAY!!

Kate said...

I'm going to try really hard not to get my hopes up... but I really hope she comes before the 16th! :-D

But if not... I suppose I can wait to meet her until Labor Day weekend ;-)

big fat hugs and kisses,

LeTonia said...


sara said...

I'm so anxious, nervous, excited, ready and terrified all at once. It's amazing what those hormones can do... Get ready for some baby lovin' ladies! It won't be long now!!!