What Keeps Me Going

Fridays on this space are dedicated to sharing what keeps me going... A moment, a photo, an event or a memory that stands out against whatever might have gone wrong or felt dark in the last seven days.

This week it seemed that life went from one crazy issue to another. Whether it was working on the last minute preparations for our newest girl... A pee incident that led to an unnecessary visit with my midwife... Leaving my cart in the middle of the grocery store for the first time (it really frightens me to say for the first time, but in all honesty I just know it's bound to happen again) because my child threw the tantrum of a lifetime and was beating me up in the process... Put out fire. Recharge. Douse smouldering embers to prevent more flames. Rinse. Repeat.

Then there are mornings like this one. Mornings that are so perfect they almost don't seem real. Mornings that make you want to cling onto them for dear life in the hopes that time will stand still and you can make a stronger memory of it.

Today Addie woke up early, but I actually managed to sleep last night so I didn't mind so much. It was a cool 69 degrees outside so we took full advantage and went for a walk, giving Daddy a chance to catch a few more minutes of rest. When we came back, it was time for all of us to head out to the garden. I picked a bowl full of basil and immediately transformed it into the pesto of my dreams.

Daddy and Addie picked the first watermelon that grew from seeds they planted only months ago. Look at how proud they are!

The melon was a bit under ripe, but we cut around to all the good parts and it still tastes pretty yummy! There are quite a few more growing around the vines out back, so next time we'll wait until we're REALLY sure they're ready. Bravo, sweet loves! I never thought I'd have a garden with watermelon and you two delivered. I'm so proud of my gardeners.

Lately it has been so unbelievably hot that family garden time hasn't been much of an option. Daddy just goes out in the evening to water, and this gigantic Mommy watches from the comforts of the air conditioning. But today the time we had outside together was everything I imagined it would be. It was more than enough to keep me going and send me into the weekend with the hope that the end of summer will deliver additional pockets of cool air so we can make more memories in the back corner of our yard together.

I would love it if you joined me in sharing what keeps you going! Leave a comment to let me know you're participating and each week, I will include a list of everyone who is playing along.

**Special thanks to my dear friends LeTonia, Jill and Jenn, and to my baby sister for sharing your moments from last week. Love you all and love your words & stories!


Dennis said...

Simply waiting for Lana to arrive...

Kate said...

Looking forward to spending time with my family in Indianapolis, Mason, and Lexington has been keeping me going for the last few weeks now... in addition to hopes that Miss Lena will arrive in time for me to say hello before I have to come back home to begin another school year!

Jill said...

Ok this may sound silly but I treated myself to a mani/pedi. It has been some time since I went somewhere, I just do it myself most of the time. Well being in downtown Chicago I just walk outside and across the street is a nail place and a Starbucks. So Mon. and Tues. they have specials plus they emailed me a 20% coupon. I couldn't resist. It made my week.

Nurse La La said...

I bought on of the new Lego board games to celebrate the boys first day of school. I love turning the computer and tv off and spending time with them. There's nothing I enjoy more! They get so big so fast! So glad they're not "too cool" to hang out with their mom, yet!