Daily funny

Every day it seems that Addie says or does something that is downright hilarious. Sometimes it's a witty little phrase or it could be a story she tells... Whatever it is, those moments lift me up, shift my mood and man, do they make me laugh.

Today at nap time was a classic. I just put her in a pull-up and she was about to pick some books to read before bed. I sat with Lena in the glider and Addie plopped down on the trundle that slides out from under her big girl bed. Within about 30 seconds I heard some familiar grunting sounds coming from my oldest girl. (While Addie is a champ about using the potty for #1, we have yet to master getting there for #2's).

I asked if she was pooping and I got the usual answer, "Yeah... grunt... I poopin'" OK. A few extra moments to rock and snuggle with Lena is never a problem. Then we all heard the lovely noise of a breast milk poo radiating from my tiny baby's little bootie. I swear, those sound more like an old man filling his drawers with diahrrea than an infant squirting out a lil' somthing. Addie asked in between grunts, "Lena tootin'?"

I chuckled and said, "No, Lena's pooping."

Addie replied as thought this was a great coincidence worth celebrating, "Oh... grunt... Addie poopin' too... grunt... Everybody poopin'!"

Oh my goodness, how did I not fall on the floor and laugh my postpartum butt right off? "Yes, honey. Everybody's pooping." Well, thank God not everybody was poopin'. Mommy managed to keep control of her bum, but I darn near did wet my pants.


Julie said...

LOL, moments like those are what make the more challenging times all worth it!

Kate said...

love it. thanks for sharing this one - I needed a laugh just now!

<3 Aunt Kate

Dennis said...

Then the book is right: "Everybody Poops"! Yay. BTW...I don't sound like Lena...yet. ; p

Jamie said...

awesome! I've heard similar things come from Naomi's mouth! And Micah's first sentence "I have poop"! Awesome stories to tell when she's older too!

sara said...

The other day, Addie was holding Lena and she tooted. Addie made this awful face, pushed her sister off of her lap and onto mine and said, "Get new diaper, Mommy". Never a dull moment!