Today I'm keeping it short while I work on preparing for a potential last minute trip to Indy. My grandma, who is otherwise a healthy lady, was admitted to the hospital last night for observation due to low sodium levels. As we often must do when it comes to family, we are on standby to drive up and help out should we become needed.

Thus, I am doing laundry and working on some household things, just in case we aren't around over the weekend. If it turns out we are, bonus! Built-in time to nap and relax. And the worst case scenario is we get to spend some hours taking care of our family's matriarch. I say we win either way.

Oh, and if you have a second, say a quick prayer for my Sweetie. We've got to make sure she keeps on tickin' for many years to come.

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S.E.H. said...

I'll be thinking of Sweetie! I've always enjoyed Em's stories of your fearless and fun Sweetie.