Bad sister

I just realized that I owe my littlest sister a bit of an apology. Just over a week ago I wrote this post and linked to some of my favorite blogs, which were my sisters', including Kate's jewelry blog. Well, I totally forgot that Em started a crafting space of her own and it's FAB.

So, today I want to feature her latest venture in the hopes that you'll pay her a visit and marvel at her creations. (And to kiss her cute island butt just a little. Forgiven yet, Em?)

Click HERE to go there.

Here's a taste of some of her super cute lovelies:

The soft clutch:

 The bangband/headband:

And pressed flower pins:

She has more, folks, and in a wide variety of fabrics, many found on the island. Here's the trouble--this girl is creating all of this gorgeous stuff in a third world country, which means shipping to the US is ridiculous. So unfortunately she is only making and selling these items locally... for now. Won't you send her some love and let her know that we adore her stuff here in the good ol' USA and would pay a visit to an Etsy shop should she ever desire to open one?  

Oh, and she's doing her first booth ever at a craft fair coming up in a few weeks. Rock on, island sister! Love you and all your hard work. It is going to pay off, I'm sure of it!

...yeah, I think I'm forgiven.


tamara said...

I was so super bummed when I learned that I couldn't order one of the fabulous bags! Etsy sounds like a great idea.

Tamara Reif - Sara's friend.

Kerry said...

Seriously cute stuff! Be sure to let us know if she opens a shop!