Gentle reminder

The last 24 hours have been quite eventful around here. Yesterday I had a horrible pain running from my ear to my shoulder on my right side. It made me SO cranky--really, I can't remember the last time I was in such a nasty mood. Roll that up with icky weather outside, a refrigerator that kept catching on fire and a kid coming down with a gross cold and you have a recipe for drama and chaos.

Yes, I said a refrigerator that kept catching ON FIRE. Curt and I heard a loud pop sound that came from the kitchen around 10:30 last night. We both jumped up to investigate and sniffed around until we figured out that it was the fridge. Curt pulled it out from the wall and when he took off the back panel at the bottom, we saw flames underneath. FLAMES. When it was unplugged it was fine, but that left all of our perishables in a perishable position.

Long story short, our fabulous neighbors helped us out with our food and the problem with the fridge was fixed for a relatively small amount of money. We are slowly getting things put back together.

In the midst of everything that seemed to go wrong, this little scene took place in our living room on the floor in front of the fireplace:

She fell asleep while looking at herself in the mirror. "Hey, you look pretty tired. I'll go to sleep if you will..."

Precious. Thank you Lena, for reminding us of the beauty that exists even when life feels like it's crumbling down all around us. We just have to look for it.


Kerry said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you are feeling better. Glad to know that the fridge is no longer in flames. Lovely little Lena... kids are the best teachers sometimes!

Dennis said...

Glad the frig is fixed. Lena looks exactly like one of the kids I found in Wal-mart for our Christmas picture. ; p

Adele said...

What a blessing you heard the fridge! Yes, babies are amazing like that, aren't they? I wish I could take yoga classes from them or something.