little me

What happens when you leave a 2 1/2 year old alone with an ear thermometer?

I SO would have done that if those were around when I was a kid.

I'm pretty sure those little covers aren't cheap, but this cracks me up so much, I can't even be a little bit mad.

Plus it kept her busy for a good 20 minutes. That kind of entertainment can't be bought, my friends.


Kerry said...

Seriously cute! And you are so right about being entertained for 20 minutes! Back when I had the stomach flu I happily let Nora destroy an entire box of kleenex while I took a 30 minute nap. Then she and Henry had a "snow fight" with the tissues. It ended up being kind of fun. (I only felt a little guilty about the trees...)

Kate said...

I love how the tips are all steamed up from her hot little hands :-)

I can't wait till the next time I get to hold them!