Wake up, Princess!

While we were soaking up some family time at my parents' house over New Year's, Addie was diving deep into princess mode. She wanted to build a tower so her handsome prince charming (a.k.a. Uncle Rip) could rescue her. I have to admit that it made me cringe just a little, but my heart was warmed when she closed her eyes and asked Aunt Emie to wake her up. Emie said, "Oh Princess, I shall wake you up with a kiss." Then she kissed Addie, who immediately yelled, "No, Emie! Wake me up!" I suggested that she try shaking her awake Shrek style rather than go the ultra romantic route. Emie shook her and shouted, "Wake up, Princess! Wake up!" Addie giggled. Success. And THAT is how my girl plays princess. I love it!

One of my sisters asked our mom if she had anything lying around that could be turned into a princess dress. She and Addie disappeared into a bedroom and minutes later, Little Miss. reappeared wearing this:

Expecting some sort of fancy blanket folding with perhaps a ribbon thrown in, we were all pretty blown away by Memere's sudden resourcefulness. In fact, she purchased this dress about two years ago on super sale and was saving it for just the right moment. Wow--goal achieved.


LeTonia said...

That's perfect!

Lee Zuhars said...

Wow! What perfect timing! Love the whole story!!

Jill said...

Grandma's are the best!! Love it!!

Kerry said...

Gorgeous... the girl of course! That is one nice princess dress too! I've been thinking of you!