Why so serious?

A few months ago, I shared the words I wrote for the memorial service of a dear friend. There was a quote I found and used in that tribute which spoke very deeply to me then and now:

“Let’s get together and catch up:” Let’s not.

Sometimes I don’t call or contact friends because of this concept of “catching up”. If I haven’t spoken with a friend for many months or even years, it just feels like too much work to “catch up”. It feels like we’ll need to communicate for countless hours just to get caught up to where we are now!

I understand that it’s just a phrase, and the intention behind it is good, but it causes me to sometimes not connect with friends if it’s been a while.

I propose that we drop this phrase and concept, and just realize that if we communicate with our friend, we’ll just naturally find out how they are, and what’s been going on with them.

I’m going to release myself from any pressure to “catch up,” and call those friends I’ve been avoiding and suggest that we just start from how we are now and go backwards from there if we want to.

Also, “catching up” implies that we have fallen behind somehow, and I don’t believe that time is that linear. It isn’t just about a progression of events along a certain timeline, but a multi-layered affair, with telepathic awarenesses thrown in.

What we or our friends have been doing in the time we didn’t communicate is less important than our being or essence, and that you can only discover through being present with a friend.

SARK, Fabulous Friendship Festival

Throughout the past week or so I began to feel my inner blogger voice itching its way back to the surface. After a much needed break of silence, I started to hear the whisper of my inner narrator pick up on little bits that happened during the day. Oh, I should write about that tomorrow.
But then I got the best of that little voice, thinking that I had way too much to catch up on before I could just leap right into our day-to-day. Well phooey on that, I say! I'll get to "catching up" when I can. Once I am able to rest in the mayhem of the past month or so, I can process through it all and share in the best way I know how. Until then, I'm going to live the words of the brilliant and profound SARK.
Here goes... Lately Addie has taken to asking for toast in the morning. She likes it with butter and blueberry preserves. Every now and then, she takes a giant bite right out of the center and ends up with a face like this:

And every time, Curt or I ask her to say, "Why so seeeerious?" Cracks. Me. Up. And even though she has no idea why her sick parents find that funny, she has a good laugh too. Cheers to a dark sense of humor!

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Us said...

In this picture, I feel like I can see exactly what Addie will look at 20 years old. And I still covet her eye color.