February 2: I Love...

...a good laugh. A story from our holidays that I've been wanting to share has found its time. Curt had to come home from my parents' house a few days early to return to work. I stayed up with the girls for some extra time with ma petite soeur before she and my brother-in-law had to fly down to the islands for eight more months. Curt said he was going to help out by taking care of some things at home while we were gone. Thing one: take down the Christmas tree.

The trouble with that was I have our ornaments stored in a super organized manner (imagine that). Yes, every ornament has its own box that is labeled as to what kind it is, what year it's from and in many cases, who gave it. This was far too overwhelming for a husband who poses questions like, "What in the hell is a 'snow baby'?"

He told me that he took the tree down but didn't put the ornaments away. Hmm... Curious. Well I found out what that meant when we came home. It seemed that Santa's gift to the girls (bean bag chairs) came in handy far earlier than anticipated.

Oh yes, that is every single ornament from our tree piled into the safety of a pink bean bag chair. Even the glitter ones. God love his heart.

**I decided to link up with Kerry for her "I Love..." series. Such a fantastic way to find some light throughout the sad, dreary month of February. Check out her delightful space to see who else is playing along.


Kate said...

I can just hear a man's voice asking "What does she mean by 'even the glitter ones'? Why does that matter?"

LOVE this story! You have such a loving and helpful husband. Bless him for taking down the tree for you. :-)

Dennis said...

I knew there was a reason I love that guy! BTW...our tree is still in the stand sitting outside on the ground next to the deck. It's still green too...and covered in ice/sleet.

TRO said...

But the ornaments are all put away in their individual boxes labeled with dates they were recieved. Just wanted to make that clear.