Friday pray along

Last week I shared the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, an oldie but definitely a goodie, as a focal point for my Lenten prayers. One evening this week as I pondered those words, I focused on the lines:

grant that I may not so much seek...
to be loved as to love...
for it is in giving that we receive

I found myself wondering how it is that I am so easily able to give as a mother without the expectation of receiving. In my marriage, friendships and other familial relationships, sadly I can't say that the same selflessness carries through. I can quickly fall into a trap of thinking about how my needs aren't being met or allow myself to believe that I'm not loved as much as I love others.

With my girls, however, I am able to give of myself and my heart with absolutely no demand for reciprocation. That being said, I always feel SO MUCH love from the two of them, who know nothing of consciously making sure that their emotions are conveyed. And I never question how much they love me, as I know the infinite amout of love I carry for them.

That realization got me thinking... What if I was able to give to everyone else in my life at that level or magnitude? What if I dropped any and all expectation and just offered of my heart to those around me? Would my ability to love others only build upon itself, just as it does through my love as a mother? Would I then feel that love coming back to me in ways I haven't been able to before?

Lord, please help me to live the true meaning of St. Francis' words. Please teach me ways to abandon my insecurities and love with a fearless and unassuming heart. For it is only in my ability to offer up this genuine spirit to others that I may truly feel it in my own soul. Amen.

What prayer do you hold this week that I may carry with you?

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Adele said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts! I've actually been thinking a lot about the same thing: how motherhood can really expand our capacity to love others.

em said...

I'd like to pray, during this lenten season, that my heart (and anyone seeking Him) be unified and surprised by Him in new ways.

Love you!