Friday pray along

Today, nearly all plans were thrown out the window and we have been running on a perpetual "plan B". Not too much drama, no disasters per se, just different from the expected. Seeing as the entire reason for this visit was a reroute from my sister and brother-in-law's spring break vacation, it seems quite fitting.

All of this combined with me forgetting to bring a computer along means this week's pray along is rather late. Also rather late, is my mother's flight back from DC. With our last minute change of events, she adjusted her business travel to fly to and from DC all in one day, so she could make her meeting and miss as little time with us as possible. As I type, her flight has been severely delayed. She was supposed to arrive here an hour ago.

More Plan B.

Tonight I keep praying that Delta has it together and they have safely replaced the flat tire on the plane that is set to carry my mommy home. Simple and quick--Lord, please bring my mom home safely.

Sometimes the best prayers cut right to it--no frills no fuss, just real. What "no fuss" prayer do you have tonight?

Here's how it works: Leave a prayer request in the comments on Friday's posts. It can be anything--something you are thankful for, a friend you are worried about, a desire from your heart... Anything. By leaving a comment you are also committing to pray for others who comment as well. We'll start fresh each week. That's it. You can even be anonymous if you wish.


em said...

I pray that my family has a wonderful time on their SB11 (but that they miss me a little).

sara said...

Oh, we missed you more than a little, my dear. ;)