Special Alert! Special Alert!

For those of you with a toddler - preschool aged child who frequents The Disney Channel, you know exactly where this is going. Yes, my child adores Special Agent Oso. She knows the songs, she laughs at all the silly jokes--she loves that bear.

The little sparks of adult appeal make it one of the less annoying children's shows too. Daddy likes the James Bond spoofiness and Mommy likes that Sean Astin does Oso's voice. (If they can ever find a way to make Oso shout, "Goonies never say die!" I will pledge my loyalty to Disney forever!)

With a little guidance, Addie chose to have an Oso party for her birthday. We foolishly agreed, not knowing that it is virtually impossible to find any Oso paraphernalia, at least in the United States. About a month ago, I decided to enlist the help of my dad who loves a good ebay challenge. I figured he would be up to the task, but just to be sure, I sent him this email:

Hey Dad,

I have a special assignment for you. A Special Agent Oso secret assignment...
Special assignment CODE NAME: "From Pepere With Love"

Three special steps, that's all you need
Three special steps, and you'll succeed
Your special assignment is starting now
And these special steps will show you how:

Step ONE--find a 14" Oso plush doll (like this one)

Step TWO--bid on the doll
(don't go over $25 or what you feel is reasonable)

Step THREE--purchase the doll for your granddaughter's birthday!!!
(we'll reimburse you at the party unless you want it to be a gift from you)

Three special steps, so now you know
Three special steps, and you're ready to go.
The checklist has all the steps you need
Just follow them all and you will succeed
With three special steps!

These dolls are out of stock at Disney and very hard to come by. I saw one on Amazon listed for over $180. This is a super long shot, but I figured if anyone was up for the challenge it would be you.

Thanks Dad!
love you
(AKA Mr. Dos)

Last week at Memere and Pepere's birthday party, my dad delivered (actually, London did)! Addie was so surprised when she opened her big gift--Oso himself! At first she played it cool, just smiling shyly and softly saying, "This is Oso." But I caught her when she thought no one was looking, hugging the crap out of him with an adorable, "I love you, Oso." Now he graces his presence throughout our house. For where Addie is, this bear is sure to follow.

Way to go, Pepere! Special Assignment complete.

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