Every morning is Easter morning...

Somewhere in the Ouellette family home video archives lies a clip of me and my sisters rocking out a choral performance of "Every Morning is Easter Morning". Did you ever sing that one growing up? We still laugh about it for many reasons, but mainly because it ends with a fade out that is pretty classic. Even this morning, Em greeted me on Skype with those words and it warmed my heart and gave me a giggle.

So, in the spirit of our favorite Easter tune, I'll spread out the report of our weekend festivities to make that good feeling of Easter morning last a little while longer.

Part 1: Tea time at Papaw's

Last weekend marked the first Easter we spent with Curt's dad since Addie was born, and our first trip to Owensboro this year (yikes--had it really been that long?!?).  We brought along a tea set just in case and given the crazy weather we endured, it proved to be the highlighted toy of the journey. Within minutes of arriving Mommy busted out the goods and as the storms brewed outside, an impromptu party developed.

This was the first time Addie really got into the whole tea party pretend play scenario. As in, "Would you like some tea? I pour it for you." We tell her the tea is fabulous and she replies, "Oh, thank you! Would you like some more?" (although she sounds like she's a New Englander and it comes out more like "moah").

So sweet and innocent--the manifestation of all the dreams a Mommy has when rubbing a swollen belly, filled with a tiny girl... or two.

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Kerry said...

I love the collage Sara! Addie is looking so old in these pictures, maybe because her hair is down? She looks so much like you too!
Happy Easter!